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Unparalleled Resourcing, Selfless Referrals & Learner Scholarships

PX Didactic (PXD) is and always will be a community education & education support services charity. When we coach or educate a learner, we utilize a wide range of either free or donated resources. We view ourselves as curators of said resources; and our qualified volunteer educators lead the learner through the materials or coursework to success.

However, we do not pretend we can serve everyone. Our oath is selflessly to meet each learner’s need(s) on a one-to-one basis. Sometimes an outside professional, group, service organization or company will be able to meet the learner’s need far better than we. Accordingly, there will be times when we refer a learner to an individual specialist or company. PXD works tirelessly to acquire partnerships and professional relationships with such 3rd parties for the sake of our learners.

In an effort to show good faith as a community education charity and to avoid “passing on” those who call on us, PXD supplies scholarships to learners whom we refer to others. As our scholarship fund allows, we will pay a portion or all of the fees and/or tuition for a learner who follows our referral and successfully completes the goals and/or coursework set by the referred group, company or service organization. The learner simply must agree to PXD coaching / follow-up during the process an submit records of successful completion.