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With a few clicks and a little information about your needs, soon you will be connected with a PX Didactic educator or trainer. After you submit the needs form, you will be contacted by a pxd educator. He or she will meet you at a public building nearby (ex. libraries, your business office, town halls, schools, community centers, cafés & bistros) or via online classrooms. We usually reserve online learning for those who can not easily get outdoors.

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Our “Learner Service Plan”

On a free-will donation basis only, PX Didactic aims to provide all of its learners with the best educational materials, methods and needs-based resources available. We do this in the following ways:
  1. PXD educators undergo a thorough background check and interview process for employment.
  2. All PXD educators agree to uphold the PX Didactic mission statement and company values statement.
  3. PXD travels to a public venue or business office near you and is most usually someone from your community.
  4. PXD takes good care of its educators, so that PXD educators can give good care to learners.
  5. PXD educators are being continually trained and educated themselves, especially in their areas of expertise and interest, so that learners can benefit all the more.
  6. PXD educators are rewarded (above their normal pay) and proportionate to their learner load & rate of learner success stories. That yields highly motivated educators.
  7. PXD seeks to mentor learners, not just teach.