We learn selflessly: if we gain, it is to give.
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Unparalleled Resourcing, Selfless Referrals & Learner Scholarships

PX Didactic (PXD) is and always will be a community education & education support services charity. When we coach or educate a learner, we utilize a wide range of either free or donated resources. We view ourselves as curators of said resources; and our qualified volunteer educators lead the learner through the materials or coursework

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PXD’s Community Education & Networking for Skilled Trades

As early as 2013, Indiana economists and government leaders were gearing up to bolster Indiana’s economy through much-needed vocational education. Due to Governor Mike Pence’s initiative and many resolutions by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Indiana is using “Skill Up” for awarding grants to companies which train high school graduates in skilled trades and manufacturing jobs.

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PX Didactic Advocates “Delaware Peace”

Morgan County, Indiana Residents Seek Forgiveness from the Lenape / Delaware Nation Our Lord Jesus Christ states, “Blessed are the peacemakers, because they will be called the children of God.” (Matthew 5:9) The Delaware Nation was the first indigenous nation to enter into a treaty with the newly formed government of the United States; the

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