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Our “Staff Compensation Plan”

We recognize not all workers at PXD will be “on staff” or be “staff educators.” They simply may want to be a PXD certified volunteer. We applaud that.

The PX Didactic business model operates financially on learner donations and on the gifts of charitable supporters. Gifts from learners go directly to their respective educators. Because we seek to preserve and promote the joy-based relationship between learner and educator, PXD takes no “cut” or percentage of commission from that working relationship.

On the other hand, one of PXD’s greatest values is: “the laborer is worth his/her hire.” We realize that the learners we help are unable to give much or anything at all. Therefore, PXD supplies its part-time and full-time staff & educators with compensation from a fund of donations, sourced by its charitable supporters and corporate sponsors.

Besides this, PXD benefits its educators in the following ways:

  1. A trusted company name and mission statement under which to operate.
  2. Financial planning services and tax consultation/services for PXD educators — 1099 or W2
  3. A simple networking and dispatching service to coordinate and connect PXD educators with their learners.
  4. PXD transportation services for staff educators, which include mileage reimbursement on PXD educators’ personal vehicles while on duty.
  5. A receipts-based, monthly teaching materials and communications allotment. (ex. materials costs)
  6. Ongoing educator training, professional/personal development (including cost-free personal counseling), and PXD company outings for PXD educators
  7. Monetary compensation (hourly) competitive with Tutor/Teacher wages in Indiana & rewards proportionate to student load and rate of student success stories.
  8. [coming soon: Group access to PXD’s private Medical/Eye/Dental/Emergency Health Care Insurance, which meets Government qualifications for insurance.]
  9. [coming soon: a simple IRA account for staff/faculty]

Resumé Submission & Background Check

Because PX Didactic seeks to provide the best quality educators, we require all volunteers and staff to undergo a criminal history and background check. A consent form for this confidential and secure process will be provided by a PXD representative after your resumé has been submitted.

Upload your resumé for submission after filling in the contact details and writing your cover letter. [acceptable files are: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .pages]

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